Photographies will be printed in a single format A4 - 21x29,7 cm - from Fontegrafica.

Print Ink Ject Fine Art


Production period: 10 workdays

Shipping period: Italy shipping 15 workdays - Worldwide shipping 20 workdays


DISCLAIMER: Fine art print requires a very accurate treatment and production times may be longer also due to the huge print flow. For this reason, we kindly ask all donors to be patient. Pictures will arrive to everyone, give us your support also during the shipping period.


What are the shipping costs?

We have different shipping costs based on your location: 

For Italy: €7,50

For EU: €15

Worldwide: €20 

How can I track my order?

Unfortunately, we don't have a tracking system. 

Shipping usually takes 10-15 business days.

How much do you deduct for printing and shipping costs?

For print, bag and label we spend €14. Instead for shipping we spend approximately from €5 to €15, depending on the geographic area (Italy, EU or Worldiwde). 


Can I have my print in a bigger format?

No, we're sorry.

Printing in another format would require specific authorization from photographers and would have a different price, depending on the author. 

This type of approach would run counter to the principles of his campaign.

Is it possible to make a free donation without purchasing?

Yes, by utilizing the same IBAN and writing down in the description of payment "United Photographers For Ukraine".

Can I gift the print to another person?


When filling out the shipping form, just write down the name and address of the person you want the print to be shipped to.

Can I send autonomously my picture in order to join the campaign as a photographer?

No. Photographers are invited to join this fundraising campaign by our editorial team. You can contact us, but without sending your materials. 

International Red Cross, Ukranian Red Cross and Italian Red Cross are the same organization?

No. They are 3 different organizations that manage autonomously their funds. However, they belong to a common general body (Red Cross and International Red Crescent).

The donations made to hospitals are direct?

Yes, they are.

Why you don't tag Ukranian organizations?

At this moment the local community is under attack (also in hospital and at the headquarters of the associations). Any mediatic operation could seriously put people at risk.

Why didn’t you immediately communicate all the organisations involved as beneficiaries?

We set ourselves goals at every collection step. Different, depending on the budget we could put together.
The first two realities involved were the Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital and Ukrainian Red Cross, but depending on how much money we collect we can include more reality, before doing so we will always communicate everything to photographers and donors.

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